Independent State of Irvington

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The Independent State of Irvington (ISI) was a micro-nation that was founded by James Mitchell on November 17, 2017. It was disbanded January 3rd 2018, and formed into Sennish IRvington on January 5. 2018.

Leadership and Politics

The nation is lead by temporary leader, James Mitchell. A constitution was in making. Politics were dominated by the Moderate Party, who held all assembly seats.

National Affairs

While the nation had no relations with other micronations, the temporary leader, James Mitchell, stated he intended to establish relations with other states, including the better known Republic of the Gold Coast.

Territories List

The nation has two organized territories (meaning they will posses seats in the legislature), three "claim" territories and two unorganized territories.


Capital District- population three, organized.

East Irvington- population four, organized.

Greater Tarrytown- population three (including two non-citizens), unorganized

Lesser Tarrytown- population one (including one non-citizen) claim zone unorganized territory.

West District- population one, unorganized territory.

South District- population two (including one non-citizen), unorganized territory.

Sellic Woods- population zero, claim zone unorganized territory

East Darien- population five (including five non-citizens), unorganized territory


According to demographic studies, as much as 55% of the population is Christian.