Impero Latino

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Impero Latino
Latin Empire (ENG)"

Capital cityLatin
Largest cityCanusia
Official language(s)Italian, English,Dialect
Official religion(s)Catholic
EstablishedFebruary,20th as LR

Latin Empire was a micronation born in Italy, in 2008, as Leon Republic.


Leon Republic and Sandust War (2008)

In 2008 a group of people estabilished in an abandoned perimeter. They Raised the Leon Republic, electing as Representative Presidents John Silver and Fabricius Badlane, and creating the Lagoon Army. The Next day, during a patrol, a group of the army enter in the Comune del Sud's territory, opening a great war between the two micronations. After the occupation of the presidential palace and the sequestration of the President John Silver, the situation has gone too far. The President is saved from an assault of ITR (Immediate Tactical Response), the special forces of the Leon's Army, and the Council approves a new attack plan, made by President John Silver. President Fabricius Badlane is against all kind of attack, and propose to surrender. President John Silver then exile Badlane and take all the power. In the meantime the Comune is fighting a second war against the Kingdom of Kaidlan. After 2 days of negotiations, the Kingdom of Kaidlan sign a pact of alliance with the republic. After 2 Months, the war is over and the territory of the Comune are shared between the Kingdom and the Republic.

Border War and the birth of the Empire (2008)

After the Sandust War John Silver wanted to expand the dominion of the republi, declaring war against the Kingdom of Kaidlan. After 2 weeks of war, John makes a peace with Kaidlan and assault the Council, proclaming the Empire. The border is moved of 2 miles.

The Reign Of John I (2008-2009)

John I, after becoming emperor, modified the armed forces making them the Latin's Imperial Armed Forces, fortifying Cardo and making her the capital with the name of Latin. After exiling all the previous parliament, John decide to abdicate for his successor Donald I.

The Reign of Donald I, The Reign of Primius I and the dissolution of the empire (2009-2010)

Donald I was hatred by the armed forces, and in September 2009 they arrest Donald and proclaim emperor the captain Primus I, but after the election of Primus I the population left the empire, and in January 2010, Primus I declare over the empire.

Honors of Latin Empire

  • Medal to Honor
  • Medal for the long command
  • Presidential Medal
  • Imperial Knight
  • Sandust War Medal
  • Border War Medal