Concordia Association of Chukou

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Not to be confused with Concordia Association of Manchukou.

Concordia Association of Chukou

LeaderWong Bao-kong
FoundedImperial Rule Assistance Association
27 June 2014
Renamed to Concordia Association
16 July 2014
HeadquartersNew Peking, Empire of Chukou
National syndicalism
Chukouese nationalism
Imperial militarism
National affiliationEmpire of Chukou
Official coloursRed • yellow • blue • white • black

The Concordia Association of Chukou is the Empire of Chukou's ruling party. It evolved into a "statist" ruling political party which aimed at removing the sectionalism in the politics and economics in the Empire of Chukou to create a Totalitarian single-party state.


The party originally conceived of the Concordia Association as a reformist political party to overcome the deep-rooted differences and political cliques between bureaucrats, politicians and the military. It Proposed originally that the Concordia Association be organized along national syndicalist lines, with new members assigned to branches based on occupation, which would then develop channels for mass participation of the common population to “assist with the Imperial Rule”.


Prior to creation of the Concordia Association, it had already passed the National Mobilization Law, which effectively nationalized strategic industries, the news media, and labor unions. Labor unions were replaced by the Nation Service Draft Ordinance, which empowered the government to draft civilian workers into critical war industries. Society was mobilized and indoctrinated through the National Spiritual Mobilization Movement.