Imperial Government of Norton II in Exile

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Imperial Government of Norton II in Exile
absit invidia verbo
Official language(s) English
Capital N/A
Date founded September 5, 2007
Number of citizens 2
Number of active citizens 1
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader Emperor Norton II
National animal Bald Eagle


The Imperial Government of Norton II was founded by Emperor Norton II on September 5, 2007, after his assumption to the Empty Throne left by Emperor Norton I.

Government Structure

The Imperial Government has a unicamerial legislative branch, called the Assembly of Nobles. There are three levels of membership of the Assembly of Nobles: elected, hereditary, and those appointed for their achievements.

The executive branch is made up of the Prime Minister, the Council of Ministers, and the Council of State.

The Judicial Branch is made up of the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice.

Office of the Emperor


The Supreme Court of the Imperial Government

  • Chief Justice - Vacant

President of the Assembly of Nobles

  • Vacant

Diplomatic Relations

The Imperial Government of Norton II in Exile has no diplomatic relations at this time, but has recognized several other micro-nations.


In 1859 Joshua A. Norton declared himself Emperor of the United States of America, thus initiating a new era of American history. During his reign he did what he could to improve his beloved country, issuing decrees such as the one that dissolved the Democratic and Republican Parties. But, he loved the world as well. The best evidence is his idea for a League of Nations, which would have helped bring peace to the 19th century world.

Upon the death of His Majesty Emperor Norton I the throne remained vacant and the United States waited for someone who could fill the hole left in the hearts of the American People. During this time the American People looked to their Government to maintain the principles of truth and democracy, sometimes it has succeeded and sometimes is has failed.

On August 1, 2007, Shawn Bale declared himself Emperor Norton II and on September 5, 2007 he established the Imperial Government in Exile. However, his claim to the throne is currently unrecognized and the Imperial Government remains in Exile.


See website section Acts of Parliament

The Charter of the Imperial Government of Norton II in Exile provides the foundation of law.

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