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The Legendary Constellation of I’m Blue aka I’m Blue or The Constellation
I'm blue da ba dee da ba dee.png

Territory of the ATR
Motto: I’m Blue
Illinois, very close to Khudozhnikov and Rhejihalo
FoundedDecember 11, 2018 (Founding of ATR)
Area428.24 feet
GovernmentProvince of I’m Blue
GovernorLord Orion
Vice-GovernorSir Levi

The Legendary Constellation of I’m Blue, formerly The Constellation, is a province of the ATR. It was founded by Lord Orion on December 11, 2018, the same day that the provinces of Khudozhnikov and Rhejalo were founded.

The governor is Lord Orion, and Sir Levi, his brother, is the Vice-Governor.

The province is addicted to I’m Blue, the song by Eiffel 65, hence why it is called I’m Blue.

History of I’m Blue

Founding (December 11, 2018)

The Constellation (as it was known back then) was founded on December 11, 2018, by Lord Orion at the lunchroom of McCarty School. It claimed Lord Orion’s house, as well as his uncle’s house. The area was 423.24 feet.

Orion and Sir Levi were elected, and Jimmy V, a snowball found on the ground, became Honorary Defender of the Homeland. Jimmy V was later killed by Lord Orion’s dad at some point after February 1 and before February 21, hence why there is no Honorary Defender of the Homeland at this point.

Name change (February 21, 2019)

On February 21, Lord Alex went to Orion at recess and said, “Do you want to change anything in your province?” Orion decided to change the name to the Legendary Constellation of I’m Blue, and the motto became I’m Blue as well.


The culture of I’m Blue is mostly centered around the 1999 song by Eiffel 65 “I’m Blue (Da Ba Dee)”. The main party, the I’m Blue Party, is centered around spreading awareness of the song, and the only people who can join the party are people who have heard the song.