House of Louis

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House of Louis

Motto: für das amerikanische Kaiserreich
CountryAmerican Second Empire
TitlesAmerican Emperor
Current headFrancis I, American Emperor
Founding14 December 2020

The House of Louis (German: 'Haus von Louis'; is a prominent family and house of electors of American Second Empire. Following the rise of Franz I, heiress of the Captavien branch, as American Emperor, the House will rule until another house is chosen.

Due to the American Constitution, and the American Imperial monarchy's selective nature, it's impossible for the House to retain power now that Aidyn is no longer on the throne unless another member of the house is elected to rule. However following Aidyn's abdication, there are no other members of the house in the Book of Electors, and it is unlikely the house will produce any more rulers in the near future. The dynastic motto of the House of Louis is "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser" ("God Save Emperor Francis" in German). The motto was adopted when the House arrived at the throne in December 2020, and it was subsequently adopted by the American Second Empire.


Little is known about the historical background of the House of Louis. It is known the father of the current head of the Captavien branch, Emperor Francis's grandfather, arrived at some point during the year MMXX from Aurora. The seat of the Captavien branch of the House, created through Francis I, American Emperor, is located in the Imperial Duchy of Naper.


The House of Louis is widely spread and counts with several branches. The current ruling branch is the Captavien, headed by Ryan IV.

House of Louis
Preceded by
House of Bratt-Falk
Ruling house of the American Second Empire
2020 - present
Succeeded by