House of Albia

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House of Albia
Royal House
CountryKingdom of Albia
Place of originKingdom of Albia
Founded12 June 2022
FounderLuke I of Albia
Current headLuke I of Albia
TitlesKing of Albia

The House of Albia is the royal house ruling over the Kingdom of Albia.


The House of Albia is the oldest royal/noble house in the Kingdom of Albia. It was founded on 12 June 2022 by Luke I of Albia, the first house member.


There are two ways to attain membership into the House:

  • Birth;
  • Marriage with a Family Member


The Head of the House of Albia is the chair of the house as well as the Monarch of Albia. The Head of the House is in charge of the house's members and may award titles to members of the house.

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