House Bardax

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House Bardax
House Bardax sigil.png
England (formerly)
TitlesKing of Pangration
Lord Protector of Athens
Lord of Efranor
Doux Domestikos of Eliopolis
King of York (formerly)
FounderErik "Bard Axe"
Current headAlexian I
Foundingaround 870 AD (estimated)

House Bardax of Efranor is the current ruling Noble House of the Kingdom of Pangration. Its seat is the Castle of Efranor.



According to the old legends, House Bardax was founded by Viking Warlord Erik Bardaxe during the time of the Great Heathen Army's invasion of England. Under the leadership of Erik, along with Ivar the Boneless, the Great Heathen Army captured Northumbria and its capital, York, in 867. Erik gained the epithet of "Bardaxe of Jórvík", and his lineage was later called by historians "House Bardax of York". Famous descendant of this lineage is the last Scandinavian king of York, Eric, who is usually identified as Eric Bloodaxe.


The house consists of:

  • Prince Alexios I †: (First Despot of Pangration and Lord of Efranor)
    • Prince Alexios II †: (Second Despot of Pangration and Lord of Efranor, First Son of Alexios I )
      • King Alexian I  : (King of Pangration, Current Head of the House)
      • Princess Alexias  : (Lady of Pangration, Daughter of Alexios II)
    • Lord Alexion : (Regent of Pangration, Second Son of Alexios I )
    • Lord Lexis : (Lord Captain of the Pangratian Fleet, Youngest Son of Alexios I )