Honourary Citizen of the Sorrenian Federation

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This award is given to all Citizens of Kozlova, who support their country and have an active role in the country. The following hold the award (in no particular order):

A citizen, supporting his nation
The Award

People who hold this award:

Miles Pressland

Matthew Bollands

Donald West

Dominik Slowikowski

Robert Garside

Lewis Wild

Adrian McAlinden Vikki

Alexei Piotr Janiszewski

Eren Lewis

Raven Karns

Damian Billbrough

Harry Fitzpatrick

Emanuel Terranova

Ryana Burnage

Martin Jameson

Jonathan Bunch

Trystan Cline

Levi Newman

Llewelyn Lawton

Connor Watson

Matthew Wayne Hayes

Alec Yu

Mike Brazeau

Luke Mallicoat

Stephen Freayth

Josh Singh

Amir Alarić Vladisković

Dominic Fordham

Emrys Lawton