Holy United Kamchutkan Empire

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Holy United Kamchutkan Empire
Flag of Holy United Kamchutkan Empire
Coat of arms of Holy United Kamchutkan Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: "Creatrix et Untas" (Latin)
"Creativity and Unity"
Anthem: "We Sing for Kamchutka"
and largest city
Official languages
  • English
  • Latin
Organizational structureAbsolute Monarchy
Area claimed
• Total
0.0000157935 km2 (6.0979×10−6 sq mi)
Membership6-10 (Estimation
Purported currencyCanadian Dollar
This nation is a member of the Economic and Military Union.

The Holy United Kamchutkan Empire (Pronounced "Kam-Chuch-Kan" / "Kam-Chuch-Ka") more commonly known as the Kamchutkan Empire, is a micronation in Canada. It was founded in 2022, after it gained peaceful independence from the Free Republic of Atomica.


(or, where appropriate, Name)

The name originates from the Kamchatkan Peninsula in Eastern Russia, and this was the nation's planned name. But, it was a mispronunciation that decided the nation's name, as the founder and current king called it "Kam-Chu-Ch-Ka" instead.

The "Holy United" part at the beginning of the name comes both from the naming of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as Unity, which is a foundation of any good nation.


The micronation declared peaceful independence from the Free Kingdom of Atomica on the 10th of January, 2022. There were several short wars, all settled quickly and peacefully, with Shrektopia, and The Kingdom of Axolotls, among others. They joined the EMU and created the flag (Deisgned by the Free Kingdom of Atomica) for the Union of Five, which the HUKR is also a member of. The national webpage was created on March 6, 2022, and several more laws were passed, inclusing the creation of several national holidays. Announced on April 11th, 2022, and coming into effect the following Monday, the nation transition to an absolute monarchy.

A new flag was also unveiled, designed by the King.

On June 8th, 2022, after a brief period of inactivity, the H.U.K.E adopted its new constitution.

Politics and government

The nation is entirely governed by the monarch.

Laws Created

(Laws in Italics have been repealed)

Independence Act (10/1/22) - The declaration of independence from the Free Republic of Atomica

  • Coat of Arms Act I (14/1/22) - Creation of the Nation's original Coat of Arms
  • Constitution Act (15/1/22) - Creation of the Kamchutkan Document of Rights, acting as the nation's constitution.
  • Coat of Arms Act II (27/2/2) - Creation of the Nation's current Coat of Arms (repealed the Coat of Arms Act I)
  • National Languages Act (27/2/22) - Declaration of English and Latin as the National Languages
  • Flag Act I (4/3/22) - Declaration of the 1st national flag
  • Holidays Act (6/3/22) - Creation of 2 National Holidays
  • Monarchy Act (14/4/22) - Transition to an Absolute Monarchy
  • Flag Act II (20/4/22) - Creation of the nation's current National FLag

Foreign relations

The UHKR is recognized by at least 5 other micronations, including but not limited to Free Republic of Atomica. It is also a member of the Union of Five.


National Holidays

Under the Holidays Act of March 2022, 3 National Holidays are currently in place. All businesses, by law, must close for these days, and federal employees have the day off as well.

  • Independence Day (10/1/) - Celebration of national Independence
  • Monarch's Day (16/6/) - The birthday of the King
  • Remembrance Day (11/11) - Though the nation was founded over a hundred years after WW1, we still choose to acknowledge fallen soldiers on this day.

Celebration Days

Celebration Days, or Days of Celebration, are officially Holidays, however, businesses may choose to stay open, and federal employees do not receive the day off. Currently, 1 is in place, and the government does not need to create a new law or amend a current one to create more.

  • Summer Day - Always falls on the first day of Summer