Hillsboroughite FCR

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Huro-Atlantic Province of Hillsborough
Flag of St. Petersburg, Florida.gif

Tampa Bay,Florida
Capital city Safety Harbor
Largest city Clearwater
Official language(s) English
Demonym Hillsboroughite
- President Ivan Abernathy
Established Aug 1 2012
Area claimed 20.194 sq mi
Population 75,061
Time zone EST

The Huro-Atlantic Province of Hillsborough (Commonly shortened as Hillsborough) was a province in Huro-Atlantica. It was the Second Smallest of the 4 Provinces that made up the Nation, and yet was the most Populous. It was led by Ivan Abernathy, and had a population of 75,061.


The Hillsboroughite Province was founded on August 1st 2012, by Ivan Abernathy, as the Republic of Hillsborough. It was created as a secondary nation which Ivan could rule, as his old nation (The Union of Asermia was in an election, the ballots of which he was not on. He created Hillsborough believing that because it was smaller, it would be more stable, and would last longer. Hillsborough Became a part of the States of New Canada , and stayed within the Union until it collapsed. It was later incorporated into the new Nation Huro-Atlantica, in which it remained until the Retraction of the nation's claim over the city of clearwater.


The Hillsboroughite FCR had exactly 3 states and 37 Counties. The names, areas, and populations of these divisions have been lost. HuroAtlantica Federation Map.jpg