Highlandian Football Organization

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Highlandian Football Organization
[[File:Footballhighlandia.jpg|150px|Association crest]]
FoundedJune 16, 2014
HeadquartersBeargrass, Tyler County
PresidentClifford Holmberg

The Highlandian Football Organization, also known as Football Highlandia, is the governing body of youth and professional association football in the Republic of Highlandia. The organization is most well known for managing the Highlandian National Football teams that compete in the Micronational Football Association, and for creating the Professional Football League of Highlandia (PFL) that is set to begin games in late 2014.

Men's National Team


The Highlandian Men's National Team has applied for MFA membership, and is set to compete in the COMFITA confederation. The 23-man roster is as follows:


The practice squad 11-man roster consists of players in development or injured that may be called up to the first team. They are as follows: