Republic of Havvenia

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The Republic of Havennia
National Seal
National Seal
Motto: Unite for strength, strength for victory
National Anthem: None
Official language Falish, English
Denonym Havvean
Government Havunism
Founded May 8, 2011
Area Havvenia filled with blue.
Location Vulcan
Population N/A
Currency Pone
Head of State Premier Luke I

The Republic of Havvenia is an small island on the fictional planet of Vulcan. The country consists of 4 provinces. It is in the top ten percentile for native trout supply, and doves are very common.


A satellite image of the island.

Havunism is the type of government that the Republic of Havvenia is. The Premier of the country appoints governors of the 4 provinces who each serve for 1 year each. If the governor is corrupt or fails at job, he or she may be impeached, then fined or imprisoned. If he/she ever feels they have failed any government job, they have the right to resign.

The Premier is elected using a simple system of either inheriting the ability or a vote. If a vote is held, citizens have the right to run for the Premier position. Other citizens cast their vote of who they would like to be in the Premier's office. Whoever has the most votes gets the position. The Vice President is appointed by the Premier during the election.