Green Party of Sabina

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Green Party of Sabina
Partido Verde de Sabina
Party LeaderAlban Joseph MP
SloganFor a good nation.
Founded18 April 2019
HeadquartersLa Litera
Membership  (2019)2
Social Equality
Political positionLeft
Official colorsGreen, White
Seats in the Presidential Court
1 / 2
Seats in the Sabinese 'Parlament'
1 / 5
Party flag

Green Party of Sabina (Spanish: Partido Verde), known colloquially by its short name the Greens, and formerly by its acronym GRN, is one of the five Sabinese political parties.

On 11 April 2019 the Green Party adopted a its new name after merging out of the SEPF (Sabina Environmental Protection Front).


The movement is led by Party Leader Alban Joseph MP, who stands both as Exterior President of the Republic, and MP for Parkenploutzburg in the Sabinese 'Parlament'.


  1. Alban Joseph MP (11 April 2019 – present)

Electoral results

The movement has yet to participate in any Parliamentary election, but it did tie in the vote for President, leading to the co-presidential system in place today and the coalition government with the European Party.