Greater Parvia

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Greater Parvia is at the very centre of Parvia and is the most populated and biggest city. It was officially declared a city when the population exceeded 500 in January 2020. Its current population is 750. Due to it's large size, Greater Parvia has 5 regions all named after the five founding fathers of Parvia: (in order of population H->L)

  • Socrates
  • Agamemnon
  • Demetrius
  • Theophilus
  • Vernados

Greater Parvia is culturally diverse and has a variety of lower, middle and upper class citizens. The ethos in Greater Parvia is very much inclusive and everyone works together as a team. Socrates, Greater Parvia's largest region, was declared Parvia's Capital on the 4th July 2021.


Socrates = (S) Agamemnon = (A) Demetrius = (D) Theophilus = (T) Vernados = (V)

  • Socrates School (Comprehensive School - S) HM. Robin Garnett
  • Socry School (Private School - S) HM. Diana Rodgerson
  • Socrateville Grammar (Grammar School - Low Level - S) HM. Denis Kirby
  • Socris Grammar (Grammar School - Medium Level - S) HM. Brenden Jacobs
  • Socrity Grammar (Grammar School - High Level - S) HM. Ingram Jacobs
  • Agama Primary (Private School - A) HM. Mary Priestley
  • Agama Secondary (Private School - A) HM. Suzanne Winter
  • Agamemo Grammar (Grammar School - A) HM. Samuel Baxter
  • Agamus School (Comprehensive School - A) HM. Agatha Doyton
  • Demetry School (Private School - D) HM. Chadwick Raverson
  • Demetrioso School (Private School - D) HM. Tamara Devon
  • Demetrio School (Comprehensive School - D) HM. Brianna Watkins
  • Theopily School (Grammar School - Low Level - T) HM. Alan Thomson
  • Theopalo School (Grammar School - Medium Level - T) HM. Willis Coleman
  • Theophilate School (Grammar School - High Level - T) HM. Ezra Dorsey
  • Vernad School (Comprehensive - V) HM. Penny Ware
  • Vernadus School (Comprehensive - V) HM. Ricky Beck