Greater Libertas

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Greater Libertas, is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Libertas, it has previously been known as Jigme and Aiji, and serves as the headquarters for most inter-governmental services, along with the presidential palace. It currently has a population of five people.


The city was a important base during the Chinobian wars, at that time Libertas (then Monovia) claimed a much larger piece of land. Due to the military value of the territory, it was made capital of Libertas. It currently makes up most of Libertas, and includes secession square, a conference room and accommodation for the residents. In the city, there is abudant wildlife living in the national gardens.

Inside the city, a small room currently serves as the presidential palace, in which president Harry Fitzpatrick resides. Another small room once served as the territory for the short lived "Kingdom of Juju" although it was not widely recognised in its short history. The city is also a popular destination for other Libertasian citizens, many of which like to stay in the "Greater Libertas hotel" (a spare bedroom).