Great June

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Great June was a time in Cheslovian history when the registered population of Cheslovia increased greatly, starting at 39 at the beginning of June and raising to 79 at the end of June. The increase was a successful result of a Federal government campaign aimed at acquiring citizens through the contact of already known people, not yet part of Cheslovia. The increase in citizens continued into July. Each new citizen was given a list of first and second Kaznian Names to choose from, although an optional choice to create a customised Kaznian name was also available.

Other benefits

The campaign also estimated the population of non-Cheslovians in Cheslovia to be 35,796, by using information regarding the amount of English citizens per square kilometre. There has also been a "cultural success" regarding Kaznian names. With the increase of new citizens, the Federal Government took the opportunity to design some "completely Cheslovian" Kaznian names, traditionally, Kaznian names ended in either "ovak" or "evak" (for example, the towns of Uroshevak, Krelyevak etc), these completely Cheslovian Kaznian names were selected by at least two thirds of the new citizens, examples of the names include:

  • Skrodovak
  • Eleyovak
  • Melorovak
  • Nyurgunovak
  • Donskoyevak