Grand Republic of Kirbia

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Kirbia, or The Grand Republic of Kirbia, is a micronation located in Tennessee. It was created after the restructuring and renaming of Vanersia to it's original name by first president, Xavier Winton. It has a libertarian government, and the decisions are made mostly by the Consulate.

Grand Republic of Kirbia
Flag of Kirbia
Flag of Kirbia
Motto: "Free trade, Free land, Free men."
and largest city
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Nondenominational Christianity 100%
GovernmentLibertarian Republic
• President of Kirbia
Xavier Winton
• Established
• Total
3.21869 km2 (1.24274 sq mi)
• Census
very high
Driving sideright


The word Kirbia comes from the last name "Kirby," this last name of the family who owned the land the nation started in. Xavier Winton's grandfather commonly called the land "Kirbyland," and so the name Kirbia was used.


The Grand Republic's founding day is January 20th 2024, when the President decided the name of Vanersia's predessesor was much better and held a referendum for a new name and flag, resulting in the two aspects changing.


In early-mid 2022, Winston Roosefvelt had learned about Kirbia and after an argument with it's leader, he decided he'd claim that he ran and made Kirbia, Kapitein Liam, who ran Kamore, tried to be a mediator in the conflicts but later he helped Winston by nuking the Kirbian discord server, using an Almendrian nukebot, who Tizian himself activated. He would later apologize for his actions and give up these claims, but later when Xavier Winton had been running Vanersia Liam would say that Xavier had abandoned Kirbia and created a new one with WInston as it's leader to be a vassal in Ireland. (note that kirbia was not abandoned and was an external territory that could not be accessed due to large plants)

Kapitein Liam admitting Xavier created Kirbia

William admits Winston didn't create Kirbia

Xavier mentioning Kirbia before Winston did shown in images on the right

Arguan War

When Trey Underwood, minister of defense of Igden (another of the sea of stupid micronations Xavier had made), had put aside differences with the leader of Argu (a nazi who stole and returned airsoft from him although Trey thought he'd change), he decided to ask him to become a citizen of the country. The Arguan leader decided to attack Trey with an airsoft gun. Before he could fire, Trey used his airsoft AK47 and ran away. When President Xavier learned of this news, he declared war on Argu, causing a 3 day long war with the state. It culminated in the battle of the hot tub, in which Trey ambushed the Arguan leader from a bush after firing a few shots in the open, resulting in an Arguan surrender and subsequent annexation shortly after. This would not be the last of Argu, as another war could've happened when Trey spotted rebels arming in Argu and fired warning shots, which didn't hit a single soldier. In retaliation the leader of Argu and a rebel he was training fired at Trey, who retreated. A verbal ultimatum was delivered stating that Argu must accept becoming a self governing territory in exchange for them agreeing they wouldn't attack the state, which was agreed on due to mutiny in the Arguan force.

The Consulate

The Consulate began after Xavier Winton had chosen Lela Atchison as a consul and adopted a new style of government, having two elected consuls similar to the Roman Republic. Soon after this, Xavier would step down as a consul and vote for Trey Underwood, national hero and general who won the Arguan war while outnumbered, to be Consul. He is now the De-Facto leader.

Xavier’s Resistance Force

Xavier Winton believes he made a mistake by putting Trey Underwood in power, and realizes it was undemocratic and he wasn't a good idea to begin with, he is starting to grow a resistance force. Xavier Winton also said “I heard Trey and Lela laughing about declaring war on a ton of people, they probably take it as a joke." The main cause for the resistance force was a quarrel between Trey and Xavier, culminating in the nuking of Trey's server, even though he had apologized. (this was resolved)

The resistance force came to an end as Trey stepped down, leaving Lela as sole leader of The Grand Republic. (she doesn't even know lol)


Politics & Government

Kirbia is a strictly Libertarian and Classical Liberal micronation, firmly holding that the citizens must be able to appeal the laws and the Consulate must be limited to police, military, welfare, and other minimal things and providing for the people, it also maintains a free market economy.

Geography & Climate

The Kirbian landscape is full of forests, large fields, and glades. It has a temperate climate and is very warm in summer and very cold in winter


The Kirbian culture is similar to that of East Tennessee, and the only non-American holiday is independence day.