Grand Duchy of Utopia

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Grand Duchy of Utopia

For the real
Capital city tbc
Official language(s) English, German, Spanish
Demonym Noahnium
Government Fascism

GDOU is a union of micro nations under the rule of Noah I. The Utopian union consists of 9 satilite states and 3 Independent states. The 9 satilite states are under almost compleate control from the union wheras the 3 Micro nations that are not satilite have compleate control over their designated area as they are also in rule over GDOU. The union is conrolled by 4 main governers in ranked order:

  • Noah I
  • Angus I
  • Oli I
  • Joe the Potato

The Satilite states are: Seasons.pngSeasons TBC