Grand Duchy of Pinsk

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Grand Duchy of Pinsk (Italian) Gran Ducato di Pinsk


Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Motto: All Comes from God
Anthem: to be established
Population (de jure): 15
Date of foundation: 14 October 2003
Leadership: HRH Grand Duke Eugene I
Language: English, Russian
Demonym: Pinskian
GDP: No figures available
Currency: Golden
Time Zone: EST or UTC-5
Organisational Memberships:
Website: Official Website

The Grand Duchy of Pinsk was formed on 14 October 2003. It is lead by His Royal Highness Eugene De Rass, Grand Duke of Pinsk, who was enthroned on 18 October 2003 as Grand Duke of Pinsk. His Royal Highness was born on 13 April 1959. The Grand Duchess is Olga De Rass.

His Royal Highness has the son, the Duke of Pinsk Denis De Rass. He was born on 21 November 1982. His Royal Highness also has a daughter, the Duchess of Pinsk Tatiana De Rass. She was born on 2 September 1990.

The Grand Duchy of Pinsk is a neutral, sovereign monarchy, and an independent state within the limits of structure of the general principles of international law.

The principle of the Supreme Head of State is the hereditary, autocratic monarchy with the unicameral Senate. The Grand Duke is the Highest representative of Grand Duchy in the international community. According to the established international traditions, the Grand Duke, in order to carry out international meetings on a high level, delegates to the Chancellor (Head of the Government).

The sovereignty of management of Grand Duchy is hereditary, in direct and legal relationship of Dukes of Pinsk. Laws of Grand Duchy use a phrase Grand Duke (Duchess), ruling Duke (Duchess), and Hereditary Duke (Duchess) to attribute abstractly to any Duke Pinsk at any time.

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