Grand Duchy of New Sorbie

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Grand Duchy of New Sorbie
Pro Deo Pro Pratia
Official language(s) English, Scotch Gaelic
Capital New Sorbie
Date founded July 2007
Number of citizens 15
Number of active citizens 10
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader Grand Duke James the IV
National animal Basset Hound

The Grand Duchy of New Sorbie is a micronation that was founded by James Hannay, Justin Denslow in July 2007. The Grand Duchy of New Sorbie describes itself as a sovereign, non-territorial nation, which due to its small size is often referred to as a micronation.

Country Name

Chrest of the Duke.jpg

Conventional Long-Form: Grand Duchy of New Sorbie

Conventional Short-Form: New Sorbie

Local Long-Form: Duchy of Sorbie


New Sorbie was first though of when James the IVth moved to Wellington UT in the summer of 1992 the acre and a half property was bought and the burned out shell of a house was restored to what we see today. james then started working on classic tractors and collecting parts in his back half acre. in the summer of 2004 the city of wellington then served papers telling the grand duke that he must dispose of all of his extra tractor parts due to the fact they were a eyesore. The duke then succeeded from the city of wellington and the state of Utah and the u.s.a and became the nation of New Sorbie names after the Hannay ancestral tower in Scotland.In the fall of 2004 Justin Denslow married james daughter Amber and became the prime minister of new sorbie. Justin Denslow took upon himself to start diplomatic relations with the rest of the micro national community.

James continues to lead the nation in the role of the grand duke and the runnings of the state a taken care of by the prime minister


This Government is a Constitutional monarchy. all of the ministry's are under the control of the grand duke and duchess.

The Duke stands as head of the armed forces and the ministry of defense. all regiments and naval ships are under his control.

National : James Day (July 30)

Head of Government : Grand Duke James the IV.

Executive of Government: Prime Minister Justin Denslow of Wellinton

Constitution: signed into law on the date of July 30, 2004.

there are five ministrys under the office of the prime minister

The ministry of education

Minister of Education - Lord Sir Stephen James Denslow of Babinol

Ministry of the Arts

Minister of the Arts - Marchioness Amber Caroline Denslow of Slattery DSM

Ministry of Dance

Minister of Dance - Dame Lady Deborah Bryn Whitaker DSM

Ministry of Defense

Minister of Defense - Margrave James Perrin Hannay the Fifth KT

Ministry of Religious Matters

Minister of Religious Matters - The Very Reverend Lafayette Ganer

Legal System

The Grand Duke is the final arbiter of all justice. Normally petitions are brought before the Throne and the Council makes a determination.

Executive Branch

Head of State: His Grace James the IV Grand Duke of New Sorbie

Head of Government: Commodore Sir Justin Eric Denslow Prime Minister

Elections: none; the Grand Duchy is hereditary; the Grand Duke chooses the Prime Minister.

Cabinet: Cabinet of Royal Ministers appointed by the Monarch on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.


Flag File:Flag of New Sorbie.png

Description: on a field of blue is a double headed eagle displayed over witch is a duchy crown in gold in the left corner is a cross crosslet in silver over a Saracen crescent in silver


Name: New Sorbie Pound

New Sorbian pounds are Available


The Grand Duchy of New Sorbie’s culture is an English speaking nation. We use Scottish culture as a foundation for our culture though we just use what we need and create something unique.