Grand Duchy of New Louis

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Grand Duchy of Nouveau Louis
The Flag of New louis

The National Coat of Arms of New Louis is a Rampant Lion for Altis, Penguin for Siple.

Coat of Arms

Freedom Bound by Blood
Ode to Joy
Capital citySpalding
Official language(s)English
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary absolute monarchy
- MonarchSimbach A. Vazo I
- Prime MinisterN/A
LegislatureDucal Diet of Louis
Established28 December 2020
CurrencyDucal Franc (DF)
Time zoneGMT


The Grand Duchy of New Louis (formerly the Self Governing Duchy of New Louis) is a self declared exclave on the British isles, in Lincolnshire England, the capital, Spalding holds the seats of the Assembly and Ducal Households, New Louis declared independence from the Kingdom of Atiera formally on the 24th of October 2020 over the ducal franc law, where the currency of New Louis was tied to the Euro.

The Duchy is led by Her Grace Ava I as head of state, head of government, the first minister of the assembly, is still being chosen by public election.

As of now the Grand Duchy is exploring to set up a colony in the Americas.

Territorial Claims

The current territorial claims of the Grand Duchy of New Louis is

  • Splading/Greater Spalding
  • East and West Caicos known as Altis
  • Siple Island

National Policing

National policing of the duchy is in the hands of the Ducal Mounted Constabulary who acts as a police and gendarmerie for all territory for New Louis, all officers of the DMC are firearm trained but dont normally go on patrol with them, Their Uniforms are Dark Blue with either a wedge (Sidecap), beret or peaked cap depending on occasion, they are answerable to the public and wear bodycams and numbers to be more visible and trustworthy to the public.