Grand Duchy of Nesti

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Grand Duchy of Nesti
Granducato dei Nesti it
Coat Of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: "United and proud" (English) "Uniti e fieri" (Italian)
Anthem: "Apotheose of Hector Berlioz"
CapitalNestia (San Marcello Pistoiese)
Largest cityPrato, Pistoja
Official languagesItalian
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Grand Duke
Leone I°
LegislatureGeneral States of Nesti
• Census
1000/1200 (all the person who have the surname Nesti are considered citizens in national territory and in all the world)

The Grand Duchy of Nesti (Granducato dei Nesti) is a micronation ideally located in the north of Tuscany in italian area, officially founded on 10 february 2017. The activity of the Grand Duchy of Nesti is based on the presence of the citizens with the surname Nesti on the territories, for this reason it consider his national territory the municipalities of Abetone-Cutigliano, San Marcello-Piteglio (capital city), Pistoia, Quarrata, Agliana, Montale, Prato, Montemurlo, Signa and Campi Bisenzio. The capital city of the Grand Duchy of Nesti is San Marcello Pistoiese, called Nestia, in Pistoia province, because it is the area of origin of the Nesti surname.


The founder of the Grand Duchy is F.N. which in 1997, with the first genealogical researches, succeeded in identifying the place of origin of the Nesti surname. The first historical name of the grand duchy was "House of Nesti" (Casato Nesti) which was immediately referred to as a micronational organization. Subsequently the spread of the surname in the geographical areas towards Florence was found and in these areas the surname Nesti had left significant cultural traces. Since February 2017, the micronation assumes the official name of Grand Duchy of Nesti, proclaiming Grand Duke, with the name of Leone I°, its founder.


The Grand Duchy of Nesti is a constitutional monarchy; the Grand Duke Leone I° is the head of state. He represents the Grand Duchy of Nesti outside. He is the Supreme Commander of the Grand Ducal Defence Forces, appoints the Prime Minister and the Ministers, appoints the Commander of the Grand Duchy of Security Information System and the Commander of the Gendarmerie (the Police of the Grand Duchy); appoints 4 (four) of the 7 (seven) members of the Court of Justice, appoints the King of Arms and the Spiritual Nuncio of the Grand Duchy , adopts all those urgent measures that are necessary for the good management of the affairs of the State and for the proper functioning of its organs; he subscribes the treaties and reciprocal awards, has the right to grace for the actions taken by the Court of Justice, appoints the Governors, appoints the Consuls, and confers the honor of the Grand Duchy. General States are the Parliament of the Grand Duchy; all the citizens of Nesti make it, so they can take part in the voting of it through multimedia platforms. Prime Minister, appointed by the Grand Duke, is the head of government of the Grand Duchy with other ministers. The Court of Justice is the organ administering the justice of the Grand Duchy and it may issue judgments of censorship and expulsion.


Is considered territory of the Grand Duchy all the places owned by members of the Grand Duchy, but the Grand Duchy of Nesti has an ideal national territory too which includes the maximum spreading places of the surname Nesti. The Grand Duchy focuses its activity in this area, located in the north of Tuscany and comprends the municipalities of Abetone-Cutigliano, San Marcello-Piteglio (Nestia), Pistoja, Montale, Agliana, Quarrata, Montemurlo, Prato, Campi Bisenzio and Signa. In Zwiefalten, in Germany, there is the Saint Enrnest Abbey that is considered the Chathedral of the Grand Duchy. It is dedicated to Saint Ernest, the protector of the Grand Duchy of Nesti, because the surname Nesti originates from the person name Ernest, for thi reason Saint Ernest is the patron saint of Nesti.

National symbols

The Grand Duchy of Nesti concretises visually with its symbols.