Gradonian Foreign Procedure

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Gradonian Foreign Procedure is followed by all ambassadors, consuls, and emissaries in foreign nations.

Ambassadors and Consuls

All ambassadors and consuls follow a different procedure than what emissaries use. In greeting a foreign official in that official's nation, the ambassador/consul will address the official with their title and extend a hand to shake.
(ex: "Secretary Doe", extends a hand to shake with the Secretary

When greeting a foreign head of state the ambassador/consul will perform the Gradonian Salute, address the head of state with their title, acquaint themselves with their own title, and extend a hand to shake.
(ex: salutes in Gradonian fashion, "President Doe, I am Ambassador Johnston", extends a hand to shake with the Secretary

All addresses made by an ambassador and/or consul must use the person they are addressing's title and if they do not have a title they will be addressed with: Sir, Ma'am, Mister, Miss, or Missus. The latter procedure is permitted to be used in the former in more casual situations.


All emissaries must follow this procedure when visiting a foreign nation. In the case that the President is on an official visit they will greet ambassadors and officials of the nation they are visiting in this manner. They will acquaint themself, address the official, then extend a hand to shake.
(ex: "I am President Williamson. Hello, Secretary Doe", extends a hand to shake with the Secretary