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The "Government Gazzete" (gr.:"Εφημερις της Κυβερνησεως"),is the official government newspaper of the Republic of Saint Christopher.



The "Government Gazzete",was first published during the Golden Age.At the 2nd of May 2016,President Triantafyllos signed the "Media and Newspapers Law"(Περι των ΜΜΕ και των Εφημεριδων),giving the rights of publishing newspapers only under state administration.Two days later,the Minister of Propaganda and Information,started the proccess of creating a government-run newspaper.At the 6th of May,2016,the "Government Gazzete" was born.

   Although the historians said,that this was the first St Christophorian newspaper,it is wrong.During the monarchy times,the Royal Parliament was publishing the "Royal News"(Tα Βασιλικα Νεα),small leaflets,were all the laws and acts that the Parliament was voting were  publised.But and in the times of the Great Revolution,two other rebel newspapers had started published,the "Liberty"(Ελευθερια),and the "People's Voice"(Η Φωνη του Λαου),but they stopped shortly afterwards.



The Ministry of Propaganda and Information controls the newspaper,and everything that is published in,has to be audited by the President.



The newspaper publishes solely laws,presidential decrees,and serious news sometimes.Every new law,must be published to the newspaper,to be formal.