God Save Thee Gracious Duke

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God Save Thee Gracious Duke
The national flag of Duschvaria

National Anthem on anthem of

LyricsHM Mason I
MusicThomas Arne, Circa 1744

God Save Thee Gracious Duke (German: Gott Retten der liebenswürdig Herzog) was the national anthem of the Grand Duchy of Duschvaria, being adopted in December 2018. It has the exact same tune as Heil dir im Siegerkranz and God Save the King, which was most likely created in the year 1744.


God save thee gracious duke!

Of great pride we march

For our Grand Duke!

Hail his German might

Hail his Irish pride

And certainly above all else,

Hail his nation!

From the rivers, of the holy Rhineland.

And from the green lanes

our Grand Duke!

Oh, fatherland, we will shield you

For our great pride

In Duschvaria

God bless it's celtic fields

God bless it's germanic skies

God bless it's leader

The Grand Duke!

For the Fatherland, we shout

Marching as one, for one

Banner of great power

Black white and green!

The lion from the north,

shields the great land of ours

against all pain

For the grand duke, we shout

Pride boiling our blood.

Celtic flags follow him

The Grand Duke!

The Grand Duke from the Rhine

Whom leads us, from Sachsburg

Into the forest land, of the Ohio lands!

And when we are in doubt

When times have gone to waste

The nation heals all!

Oh, the great blue sky

Dots our great land, it does

So high up from our homeland

Into the great land!

From Germany and the

Irish lands so far away

We will remember them!

By our Grand Duke

Heaven shines down on us

We nationalist few

For our great heirs

God save thee gracious duke!

From old world origin

We can only say, one thing

God bless the duke!

Oh, celtic fields!

Oh, germanic sky!

We are to say, at once

God save the Duke!