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Flag of Gion1.png

National Embrem of Gion1.png

founding of a nation September 13, 2016
capital Harajuku
emperor Naruhito
Daijo-daijin Imabari Yuzuru
currency JPY
population 1?
moto Effort, gratitude, smile

Gion is a sovereign state located in the Japanese archipelago and mainland China. Currently, it is not approved by the governments of each country and major international organizations such as the United Nations, so it is classified as a micronation nation.


On September 3, 2016 (the first year of Rika), Yuzuru Imabari founded Gionkoku. Emperor Naruhito of Japan was appointed as Emperor of Gion, and Yuzuru Imabari himself became regent.

On September 14, he joined the Japan Micronation Federation at the same time as the People's Republic of Shonan (at that time). Became the 17th member country.

On September 28, the Provisional Government of Gion was established. Imabari becomes the temporary president of Gion.

On October 3, the Constitution of Gion was enforced. From a constitutional monarchy to a federal republic. Imabari, the president of Gion, became the first president of the nation. Takuma Yuki is appointed as the first Prime Minister of Gion Kuni.

On January 27, 2017 (2nd year of Rika), he was elected as a permanent member of the Security Council of the Japan Micronation Federation.

On April 4, the continental region of Gion was established. Joined the federation as an observer.

On April 20, the first major meeting after the founding of the country with Governor Konoe (Chairman of the Federation) of the Toyohashihara Bushidan.

On May 8, in the federation trial of the People's Federation of Luigi (at that time), Gion led the pursuit of Luigi. Luigi was dismissed from the federation due to the expulsion plan of Gionokuni due to a false declaration.

On November 5, the government of Gion was transferred to the Democratic People's Government of Omotesando for a limited time. I got lost in blood.

On December 25, the system changed to a constitutional monarchy for the first time since its establishment. Emperor Naruhito of Japan will be the emperor of Gion. Imabari resigns from the president of Gion and becomes the first Taisei of Gion.

Administrative division

According to the "Region Expansion Law" that came into effect in the early days of the establishment of Gion, the administrative divisions to which the land belongs in the administrative divisions (districts, towns and villages and municipalities) of Japan and the People's Republic of China from the territory of only the land owned by the Gion people. Was the territory of Gion.

The administrative divisions of Gion are divided into higher administrative divisions and lower administrative divisions. Continental territories and TDRs are not included in the above categories and are directly governed by the government.

Due to the lack of population, there is no secretary to manage the following areas, and the administrative division of Gion is nominal.

Harajuku area, Gyeonggi prefecture Does not include Shibuya and Ebisu areas. Johoku area Koiwa area Musashi prefecture Omiya area Kawaguchi area Koshigaya area Shimousa Urayasu area TDR is not included. Echigo Prefecture Nagaoka area Uonuma area Continental Province Beijing Chaoyang Special Area Beijing Capital International Airport is not included. Government Directly Controlled Region of Dreams and Magic