Germanitas Imperious Crucis

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English: (Brotherhood of the Imperial Cross)
Germanitas Flag.png
Germanitas Map.png

National Anthem Brothers Fight On

Motto May God Guide the Brotherhood

Capital (De Jure): Regis

Capital (De Facto): Imperial Residence, Meddow Hills

Offical Language English
Government: Union of Autonomous Principalities and Micro-Nations
Head of State: His Imperial Majesty Ianous the I
Imperial Legislature: Number of Steats 3
Foundation: September–November 2008

Territorial Claims

(Without Foreign Territory) 52.82 mi²

(With Foreign Territory) 54.67 mi²

Total Border Length 60.63 mi
Population: 231,223 (2008 est.)
Curency Imperial Kroner (Kr)
GDP: Kr 1,460,000 (2008 Estimation)
Time zone: MST (-7 UTC)
Country Code (GIC)

Time Measurement

Gregorian calendar

Germanitas Imperious Crucis (English: The Brotherhood of the Imperial Cross) is a micronation founded over a period of months from September–November of 2008. It borders the US State of Colorado and subiqently the United States of America. The nation lays claim to approxamatly 9.7 Square Miles of Territory including but not limited to the Cherry Creek State Park and Lake/Reservoir and much of the GDP is generated from selling of water rights to the cities of Aurora Centenial and Denver. Thanks to an agreement with the U.S. Government the Reservoir is maintained by the US Army Corps of Engineers.


The Terrain of Germanitas is dominated by 3 main features, a Suburban District, the Cherry Creek Lake and the plain like terrian of the Cherry Creek Park area.


Germanitas is a land of extremes. The Summers are hot and dry and the winters are cold and generally wet, though recently the area has been suffering a drought.


Summer is dominated by high temperatures and low humidity. In the summer it is not uncommon for the region to experience late afternoon thunderstorms of great magnitude, and also the area can experience tornadoes.


Autmun becomes wetter than summer and temperatures drop quickly. The First snows usually come in mid to late November but Blizzards in October are not uncommon.


Winters tend to be wet but not as friggid as some parts of the world, when the temperature does drop however it can reach well below zero ferinheight and large ammounts of snow are not uncommon in blizzard like groupings with long periods of dry moderate temperatures between.


Spring heats slowly in compairison to autumns cooling, and blizzards can crop up as late as March and April. Late spring begins the trends of late afternoon thunderstorms and warming temperatures.




Rank System of Nations within Germanitas Imperious Crucis

Ritter Brudern

Ritter Brudern (Brother Knights): Is a rank granted only to the 3 founding nations of Germanitas. They hold Veto powers in all matters and decision of the Ritter Brudern is final and law. Many of the dealings of the Ritter Brudern are kept secret from all members except those directly involved in decision making. In perticular the Ritter Bruderns decisions in matters which may or maynot result in the expulsion of a member are often kept completely secret unless the verdict is expulsion even the rumor of a trial will not be brought to the light of day.

Halb Brudern

Halb Brudern (Half Brothers): Are the enforcers of Germanitas they enforce laws created by the Ritter Brudern and are elected for terms of 20 years or the leader's death, which ever comes first. They are given a group of Mit Brudern oversee and ensure they follow all laws of Germanitas and to enforce punishment on those who do not follow the law.

Mit Brudern

Mit Brudern (Lay Knights): Are the lowest ranking full members of Germanitas who agree to follow all laws laided out by the order, they are also they only group to exersise rights to elect the members of the Halb Brudern court from amongst their ranks. They are expected to follow their elected members in the letter of all things but also enforce electoral rules, including term limits. I.E. No nation may hold the rank of Halb Brudern more than twice in a row. and No nation may be elected after two terms until a period of 30 years has passed.


Vassals are not full members of Germanitas, their territory is not counted among that of the whole and they are expected only to follow the most basic of laws. They do not enjoy mutual protection from other nations outside Germanitas but do enjoy that protection from member nations. Vassals usually have little more than a few economic ties to Germanitas.