Free Territory of Milazzo

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Free Territory of Milazzo

Territorio libero di milazzo.pngStemma territorio.png

Verba volant, scripta manent
Capital cityMilazzo
Official language(s)Italian, Sicilian
Official religion(s)Atheism
Short nameMilazzo
DemonymMilazzians (Milazzesi)
GovernmentDemocratic Republic
- PresidentRaffaele Catalano
Established26 August 2018
Area claimed1,7 km²
CurrencyGrain of Milazzo (MIG)
Time zone(UTC: +1:00)
National sportEuropean Football
National dishCannolo
National animalMessinese goat
This country is a member of UMNI.

The Free Territory of Milazzo is a micronation which occupies many territories of the city of Milazzo, located in Sicily. It is a member of the UMNI and it consists of 26 citizens.

Milazzo is also in war against the province of Reggio Calabria and does not recognize Messina as a province of Sicily.

The founder of the Free Territory of Milazzo is Raffaele Catalano. In the Free Territory of Milazzo there are two political parties: the Socialist Party of Milazzo and the Traditonalist Party of the Goats, with conservative ideas.