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The Free State of Rijeka, or the Virtual Free State of Rijeka (Croatian: Slobodna Država Rijeka; Italian: Stato Libero di Fiume) is a micronation in the city of Rijeka in Croatia wishing to revive the traditions and restablish the independence of the Free State of Fiume that existed between 1920 and 1924. (For more information on the Free State see; Free State of Fiume.)

After World War II the government-in-exile was interested in trying to reestablish the Free State, but found no approval from the new communist Yugoslav authorities. Instead the first days of the new rule were marked by mass executions in the Rijeka, even though many people in the city had supported the anti-fascist movement. With the Paris Peace Treaty of 1947, Rijeka and Istria officially became part of Croatia and Yugoslavia.

A large number of Rijeka citizens went into exile for national or ideological reasons. They have formed Free Rijeka municipalities throughout the world [1]

The symbol of the city of Rijeka, the two-headed eagle, whose use was forbidden by both the fascist and the communist regimes, came back into use by the city only in 1998. Toward the end of 2004 a group of Rijeka citizens formed the Virtual Free State of Rijeka [2], an association with the goal of pulling together Riječani/Fiumani in Rijeka and throughout the world in the tradition of the unique Rijeka identity.

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