Free State of New Prussia

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Freistaat Neupreußen
Free State of New Prussia

Coat of arms of East Prussia.png

"Jedem das Seine" (German)
"To each his own"`
Preußens Gloria
Cocos Island
Location of Neupreußen in green circle
Official language(s)German,Dutch,Spanish
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameNeupreußen
DemonymPrussian (Preuße)
GovernmentRepublic (de facto military dictatorship)
- ColonelBernard Schwarzenberg
EstablishedEstablishment - September 21, 2016
Free state - September 22, 2016
Area claimed23.85 km²
Time zoneCST -6

Official website

The FSP (Free State of Prussia/ Freistaat Preußen) is a micronation that was originally established after the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II and disestablished after the German defeat of WWII by the Allied Control Council. The State has been revived by a native German with strong Prussian roots who is now acting as the head of the Free State of Prussia. The FSP does not see itself a nation but as a reconstituted state.

The FSP has an official website at

2014 Re-establishment of Prussia

In 2014 a small group of German and Dutch seperatists decided to take over an uncontrolled, small island near to the Rhine river and founded a new state.

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