Free Penguin Lands

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Free Penguin Lands

Official language(s)English, Turkish
GovernmentThere is no known information on the Free Penguin Land's government structure.
Area claimedUnknown
National animalPresumably, the penguin

The Free Penguin Lands is a micronation in Antartica, the nation was founded as a state to protect penguins, a group of aquatic flightless birds mainly found in Antartica.

Though there is no information on the Free Penguin Lands, it is assumed that the state could be a communist state, one similar to that of the Soviet Union due to their flag.

No information has been announced of the Free Penguin Lands's diplomatic relations & no information of their recognition by any nation has been discovered.

Politics and government

The head of state & government (the president) is known as "Hakan". The Minister of Foreign (Affairs) is known as "Can".

Minister of Culture:Zal

Minister of Natural Resources:

Minister of Health:Ataberk

Minister of Education:Gökçe

Minister of Transport:Seyfi

Law and order

Laws of Free Penguin Lands is: 1:Do no attack penguins.


There is no known data on the Military of the Free Penguin Lands. It is not known whether they have a Minister of Defence or Chief of Army.