Free Morbhan Republic

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Free Morbhan Republic
Saorse na eag! (en. Freedom or death!)
Umiłowanie wolności (en. Love of freedom)
Official language(s) Polish, Morbhan
Capital Scrios atha Morbhan (pl. Morwieniec)
Date founded 15th June 2007
Number of citizens 67
Number of active citizens 5
Government Aristocratic republic
Current leader Lady Protector Melanie O'Rhada
National animal Incasian coockoo

The Free Morbhan Republic is a micronation located in Poland.


The republic was created and organised by a few citizens of the Principality of Sarmatia. This was due to discontent regarding the promotion of secessionism in its provinces by the country's government. Wandystan was one of the provinces which split from Sarmatia, which was pushed out by a self-declared monarcho-fascist junta, supported by Prince Peter Nicolas.


Morbhan has a unique Celtic culture, with a language based on Celtic. It also contains elements of British Empire colonialism and Victorian industrialism, with 19th century steam-powered technology still in use.

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