Franklin, King of the Band Room

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King of the Band Room
Reign Disputed - 4 June 2013
Coronation 19 June 2012
Successor Seth

Franklin was the first King of the Band Room Realms. A friend of King Adam of Überstadt throughout high school, he was exposed to micronationalism since Überstadt's foundation in 2010. On 19 June 2012, he ascended a pyramid of chairs that had been built in the band room of Mountlake Terrace High School when there was no rehearsal in progress, was given a crown of aluminium foil and acclaimed by those present as King of the Band Room. He began to seriously assert this claim in February 2013, when King Adam informed him that because the monarch had been among those jokingly acclaiming Franklin, the latter's sovereignty may have been accidentally recognized. The assertion of this claim led to irritation in the Überstadti government, as the band room was part of the Barony of Terrace.

Franklin's coronation

A shared trip to a music festival in which Franklin and Adam performed together and shared an auditorium box led to a softening of these tensions, and on 21 February, the physical band room was ceded to the Band Room Realms, as the Barony of Terrace was soon to be returned to the United States under the Kingdom's new territorial policy. Franklin ruled over the band room from this date, holding court every weekday during the lunch period, his followers, suitors, and officials conversing and enjoying the new Bandish culture. Adam was made Franklin's viceroy, to govern in the king's absence.

Under the Treaty of the Band Room, there were strict limits on any military pursuits by the new king, including the development of projectile weapons, leading to an incident in which Adam confronted Franklin and a pair of courtesans experimenting with a largely improvised slingshot. Franklin denied that it constituted a weapon, indicating that the projectile was not pointed or heavy. This occasion was one of very few in which there was any dispute between the two national leaders.

As Franklin's final year of secondary school began to come to a close, there was much concern among band members about whom his successor should be. Franklin was unsure about whom to appoint, considering several candidates. King Adam favoured one of his citizens, Seth, Second Baron Ballinger, for the appointment. His influence persuaded Franklin to appoint Seth as Crown Prince on 21 May 2013.

Franklin planned his abdication and Seth's coronation for 4 June 2013. He ordered the construction of the throne, ascended it to a fanfare, and gave his farewell address, beginning with the now-famous greeting: "Yes, yes, yes." He then descended and made Seth swear and oath to ascend the throne with care to prevent liability for injuries. Following his abdication, Franklin was given an individual title of nobility in Überstadt.