Formal Republic of Grundyca

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Formal Republic of Grundyca

Né pour courir

Capital cityNicholis
Largest citySawdust
Official language(s)english, french
Short nameGrundyca
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
- presidentNot decided yet
- vice presidentNot decided yet
- High CongressBrandon Swigart
- Low CongressHalie Swigart
- Main ElectionaryBenjamin Pickles
LegislatureNational Court
- Upper HouseUpper Partizan
- Lower HouseLower Partizan
Established26 December 2016
Population79 (2020)
Currencyamerican dollar, Ram
Time zoneGrundycan Standard Time (GST)
National sportBingo
National animalWater Buffalo
This nation is a member of the [[]]

The Formal Republic of Grundyca is a micronation located in Sweetwater county, Wyoming. It was founded in late 2020 by Brandon swigart.


The creator of Grundyca, Brandon swigart, was on a walk in the park when he decided to make it a micronation. This was on November 5th, 2020. On november 14th, the Grundyca Discord server was created. It currently holds about 11% of Grundyca's population.


Grundyca got its name from Rhonda Beebe, Grundyca's patron-saint. Rhonda Beebe's nickname is Grundy.

Former Names

The Republic of Grundyca (November 5th - November 7th) The Democratic Republic of Grundyca (November 8th - November 13th) The Formal Republic of Grundyca (November 14th - Now)


Government & politics

Grundyca has a weird government. In it's Presidential elections, all the parties are included in a direct vote. Everyone's votes count.Then, the top two most voted parties go against eachother using the electoral college. The largest party wins.

Branches of Government

The government of Georgienstine is a presidential republic. The three Georgienstinian branches of government are the following:

  • Executive: The President, Vice-President.
  • Legislative: The National Congress of Georgienstine.
  • Judiciary: The system of courts that enforces the laws and upholds the constitution.
  • Patrizanary: The Upper and lower Patizan which aprove bills, ideas, and war declarations.


The President and Vice-President manage internal and foreign affairs. The president is responsible for signing a bill into law when passed. Presidential elections happen every four years. However, every 3 months is an election to see if the public likes the president. This is called a Pull election. Presidential elections happen every 4 years, while Pull elections are obviously more often.


Members of the Upper and Lower Partizan are elected every 122 days. They may propose a budget, taxes, and bills.

Logo Party Party Leader Political Position Ideologies Seats
PG.png Parti Grand Brandon Swigart Centerism populism, Anti-communism, Centrism, laborism
12 / 30
NP.png Nous Poursuivons! Benjamin Pickles Left-wing Picklism, Eco-socialism,Left-wing populsim
8 / 30
RN.png Rassemblement National Raphaël Olivier I Right to Far-right Nationalism, National conservatism, Social conservatism, right-wing populism, Anti-communism, Centrism
9 / 30
UCL.png Union Communiste Libertaire Gaia Grìbhinneach Far-left Anarcho-communism, Syndicalism, Feminism, Ecologism
1 / 30


The courts of Grundyca must enforce the law and uphold the constitution of Grundyca. Judges are appointed by the Main Electionary and must be approved by 66% of the legislature. A judge is appointed for a 2-year mandate but can be removed from his post if 50% of the legislature agrees.


The Upper and lower Partizan make important decisions, like approving bills and declaration of war.