Flag of the People's Republic Linian

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Flag of the People's Republic of Linian
Name Two Star Flag
Use 320px-FIAV 111100.svg.png FIAV normal.png FIAV authorised.png 21px-IFIS Mirror.svg.png
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 24 August 2014
Design A golden star in the canton, with a smaller golden star on the left top site of the canton lies on red. A lightblue vertical stripe is on the right half of the fly of the flag.


The flag features the national colors of Linian: Lightblue, red and yellow. Lightblue for the clear sky, in which the famous Air Force flies, red for the Socialism, that rules the People's Republic and yellow for the prosperity of the people and the land of the People's Republic Linian. The smaller star reminds on the times, in which the PRL started as Zairskaya and the bigger star stands for the current situation.

Traditional flag

The Traditional Flag of Linian was also the first version of the Two Star Flag. The national flag evolved from it. The traditional Linxan characters on the canton state "Wánsé Dáláwatukó!", which means "Long live the people!", and "Linian".

Traditional flag