Flag of Guanduania

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Flag of Nedland
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Name The Banner of Peace
Use Civil and state flag and civil ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 2 July 2017
Design A horizontal tricolor of red navy blue, yellow and a white triangle with golden crossed keys centered on it.

The current flag of Guanduania was adopted on July 2, 2017 which will henceforth be celebrated as Flag Day. The red symbolises the determination the guanduanians have to defend their freedom, even dying for it if necessary. The red also symbolises the blood of all those unsung heroes who lost their lives defending the freedoms we as guanduanians enjoy now.

The blue represents the hope they have in the a better future.

Yellow represents prosperity

White represents peace and the crossed golden keys represent freedom by which peace, love, justice, prosperity are unlocked.