1st Era of Copan

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Cópan (Etrica, or Orontonia)

Labor Omni vintec (Hardwork overcomes all)
Now known as Ccentyyrrholm
Capital cityCcentyyrrholm
Largest cityCcentyyrrholm
Official language(s)English, Anchient Cópanic, Old Cópanic
Official religion(s)Hermeticism, paganism, christianity
- PresidentUknown
- PresidentUnknown
LegislatureProbably an early for of the council of the seventh star
- Type - Probably a Council of wizzards
- Number of seats - N/A
Area claimedCcentyyrholm
CurrencyEarly form of tantaresh
Time zoneGMT+0
National drinkTea
National animalTit

The First era began some time around 2013 although that is only a guess. The era was started by a guild of wizards living in modern day Fabon(Magasevyaa) and cópan. The first era was estimated to have started at the time of the Oblivion attacks. the wizards created a scroll to defend Etrica from Oblivion. Apart from that not much happened in Cópan that is known of in that time.