Feline Socialist Party

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Feline Socialist Party (FSP)
ChairmanStormy the Cat
General SecretaryTater the Cat
Slogan"Liberty, Democracy, Equality"
Founded1 November 2016
Membership  (2018)TBA
IdeologyDemocratic socialism, Social democracy, Green politics, Animal rights, Stuffy rights, Feline rights, Feline nationalism
Political positionLeft to Centre-left
National affiliationPurrcifica
Official coloursRed and Black
National Council
3 / 5

The Feline Socialist Party (FSP) is a democratic socialist and social democratic political party in the Feline Republic. It is currently the ruling party with 4 seats in the Feline National Council.


The Party began as part of the stuffy and animal rights revolution at the end of the Shaoshan era of 2016. It soon developed into the Feline Party with their granted citizenship in the nation. When Shaoshan folded to become part of the greater Sonoran nation, the Feline Party continued along with most other parties. In June 2017, party chairman, Goldie the Cat, resigned due to health reasons before dying days later. The Feline Party declared her the eternal chairman as a ceremonial, posthumous title. In November 2017, following a referendum, the party declared an independent state, forming the Feline Republic, and establishing the FelineNational Council. The Feline Party also split so as to avoid one party rule and to end ideological differences in the organization. The Feline Socialist Party then went on to win the November General election winning 4 of 5 seats on the National Council and winning the Presidency. Former Shaoshanian President, Pusheen the Cat, became the first President of the Feline Republic and Tater the Cat becoming Prime Minister.


The Party is loosely organized as a democratic socialist and social democratic party with an emphasis on the environment and equal rights for all individuals regardless of species or sentience. It has a central executive which consists of its Chairman and general secretary but the party does not follow a organized set of rules so long as an individual doesn't impede the core values of the party itself.


In January 2018, the Feline Socialist Party proposed a bill in the National Council that passed on a referendum to see if the Feline Republic should remain independent, become a free associative state to Sonora or rejoin the Empire entirely. This drew fire from both sides of the spectrum and from citizens, whom most polled favored full independence. The FSP was accused of "Sonoran collusion" and even so far as "treason against the Republic and its citizens". The referendum was set for January 28 with the General election pushed back to February 9, however, this was rescinded days later with the General election continuing on January 28. Opponents state it was a ploy to "buy the Socialists more time". The controversy angered many citizens and became a major deciding factor in January election. A similar referendum has since been adopted, centered more on dual citizenship as opposed to the nation's sovereignty. This bill passed both parties unanimously in the National Council and was held on March 28.