Federation Caledonia-Alpenhof

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Federation of Caledonia-Alpenhof
(Caledonian)Federasion Caledonie-Alpen´of
(Alpenish)Federation Caledonia-Alpenhof
Location of Caledonia-Alpenhof
Capital Cabane
Official language(s) English, Caledonian,Alpenish,
Number of councillors in the NR 2
Citizens 4
Leader President Jozef  Alpenhofski
Website www.quertinia.estranky.sk/stranka/

The Federation of Caledonia-Alpenhof is a state of Quertinia. It is located to the east of the micronation, and is the most populous province..


The original name of the area was Foret, derived from the french name of forest. Soon afterwards, the area was annexed by Isarnia and was renamed to Lesser Isarnia. An area in the central part of the region was named by the Caledonia,and after the Duchy of Alpenhof created the Occupied Territory of Caledonia, the name has spread for the whole region. The name Alpenhof means in German "courtyard in the Alps"



Councillors in the Národná rada

1 2
2011 Jozef Alpenhofski (AES) Jeorje Kabaňes (KLDNOS)

Councillors in the Federatívne zhromaždenie

1 2
2.7.2011-21.7.2011 Jozef Alpenhofski(AES) Inurslav Velki(KLDNOS)
21.7.2011-31.12.2011 Borim Valdes (KLDNOS) Inurslav Velki (KLDNOS)

Presidents of the Federation

Name Date
Jozef Alpenhofski 2.7.2011-?



Most of the area is hilly, the highest hills are to the northeast. The eastern half of the area is forested, the western is composed of grasslands.