Federal Republic of Tring

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The Federal Republic Of Tring, commonly known as Tring Republic, is a country in north-western Europe. The Tring Republic has a population of 21 people.

Federal Republic Of Tring
Flag of Template:Tring Republic
and largest city
Tring City
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentDemocratic multi-party
LegislatureFederal Republic Of Tring Parliament
3 January 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyTringanian Dollar
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft

Tring City is the nation's capital and largest settlement.

The Tring Republic is bordered by the United Kingdom from all sides.

Government and politics

Political Parties

Party Name Logo Ideology Party Leaders Parliament
Federal Party


Socialist Lewis Satsumog
3 / 7
Democratic Party


Socialist Ben Kieraval
2 / 7
Republican People's Party


Republican Kieran Chapman
1 / 7
Communist Party


Communist Ryan Chapman
1 / 7

Banning Of The Imperial Party

The Imperial Party was officially banned in the Federal Republic Of Tring Parliament on 2 March 2022. It was said by

the Head Speaker that "Our republic refuses to have autocratic ideals in our democracy". The Federal Republic Of Tring Parliament

also banned fascist and Stalinist styled communist parties, this meant all parties are forced to follow the rules of expressing and acting

upon democratic values.


Past And Current Conflicts


The Tring Republic is currently at war with the Central African Republic over the Bamingui-Bangoran prefecture.

Tring war Of Independence

The war lasted from 12 July 2021 – 1 January 2022. It was a civil war in the Tringanian Kingdom which was a rebel victory.

The rebels would later create a new government which would be the Federal Republic Of Tring. The current king of Tring (Fredrick Fazbearington IV)

would be exiled from the Tring Republic.

Law and order

Special Narcotic Legalization

On 14 August the Federal Republic Of Tring Parliament passed the bill of the Special Narcotic Act 2022 in which the following substances were legalised.

Special Narcotic Act 2022

(Narcotics legalised)

Cannabis(includes:plant, THC vape products, CBD vape products, approved

edible cannabis)

Synthetic cannabinoids
Cocaine(including: Freebase cocaine)
Psilocybin Mushrooms
Controlled herion

The Federal Republic Of Tring Parliament came to this conclusion that it would allow more freedom to it's people.

The Kieran Chapman Case

Kieran Chapman, Chairman and founder of the Republican People's Party was arrested for biscuit abuse charges.

On August 7, 2022 Kieran Chapman was caught assaulting Ryan Chapman Chairman and founder of the Communist Party.

It was reported that as many as 678 Hobnobs were thrown at Ryan Chapman. Ryan Chapman was badly injured and so Kieran

Chapman was suspended from the Federal Republic Of Tring Parliament for 10 days.

The Kieran Issue

Many residents of the Tring Republic want to put Kieran Chapman on execution trial for his assault charge. This issue is still

being discussed by top politicians and top philosophers of the Tring Republic.


National Holidays

Date Name Of The Event Description
1 January New Year's Day The first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar.
5 January Satsumog-Kieraval Day Annual event celebrated to commemorate the founders of the nation.
3 January National Independence Day Annual event celebrated to commemorate the independence of the nation on 3 January 2022.
10 April Tringanian Labour Day Annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of Tringanian workers.
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