Fascist Republic of Drusia

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Fascist Republic of Drusia


Fascist Druisia.png
Flag (2013-2013)

Ein Duce Ein Drusia
Drusian Volkslied
Capital cityNew Berlin
Largest cityHitlergrad
Official language(s)Dutch,German,Hangok,Italian
GovernmentFascist Republic
Mario Vellone
Tanja Mulder
LegislatureNational Assembly
Established28 December 2013
Population5 2 are members of West Drusia 3 are mercanaries
CurrencyDrusian Gulder

West Drusia, officially was the Fascist Republic of Drusia, was a micronation made up of one apartment room in Europe, [. The capital city was New Berlin. The state was divided from Drusia. It's government was a Fascist Totalitarian family dictatorship led by Johannes Mulder. The West Drusian government was influenced by Hitler's policies.


On 11 April the Congress decide to ban Fascism in Drusia and he sign the Treaty of Hangpala Zaanland a province of Drusia with mainly Fascist influence declared inderpendence from Druisia as the Fascist Republic of Drusia, Soon the fascist republic declared war and lost in the Battle of Hangapara but lost and disbanded Zaanland become Dutch


Fascist is a family dictatorship. The constitution describes the Mulder family as the ruling family. The head of the Mulder family is concurrently the Supreme Leader of Drusia, being Johannes Mulder


West Drusia is a small exclave located in Katwijk It considers of an arpartment room Secede from Drusia and formed the Fascist Republic New Berlin was the living room Hitlergrad was the bedroom of Johannes