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The Most Serene Republic of Estocia

Coat of Arms of the Commonwealth of Randulia.svg

Discipline, Industry, Dedication
Glory to Estocia
Inside the city of Bratislava
Capital cityEstocia
Official language(s)English, Slovak, German, Estocian
Official religion(s)Catholic (99%)
Short nameEstocia
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary Republic
- Type - Unicameral
Established25th of May 2020
Area claimed2.49km² (approx.)
CurrencyEstocian Kron
National animalGerman Shepard dog
Patron saintSaint Ignatius of Loyola

Estocia, officially the State of Estocia, (Slovak: Estocký Štát, Estocian: Štát Estocko) is an autonomous territorial entity and self-declared sovereign state, which is often called a micronation, founded on May of the year 2020. Estocia is a parliamentary democracy. The incumbent Head of State is His Excellency, Grand Pensionary Samuel. The nation is famous for being based on Slavic and Germanic culture.


The State of Estocia was founded on 25 May 2020. Upon its founding, an election was called for, in which Samuel was elected Grand Pensionary of the provisional government. On 26 May 2020 at approximately 2:14 PM, the State of Estocia made its first television broadcast via live-stream.


Given Estocia's small size, the landscape of the city-state is the same throughout its territory. It is a very lush and green land with both local and foreign plant species residing within it's lush green surrounding and parks.


Estocia maintains no standing army. However, shortly after the proclamation of independence, the first Grand Pensionary, established by decree the Cyber Defense Force of Estocia.

Foreign relations

Estocia currently has an open and friendly External Affairs Policy. The city-state also is Constitutionally Neutrally armed.


Education is highly valued in Zealandia with one university being established:

  • Estocian National Academy