English Insurgents (Wellmoore)

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The English Insurgents
Os Insurgentes Ingleses
Founded31 June 2021
Disbanded2 July 2021
AllegianceInsurgent Leader S
EngagementsThe Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis
1st LeaderInsurgent Leader S
2nd LeaderLord Axel (Undercover)

The English Insurgents were the group responsible for the ownership and command of the Insurgent Army during The Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis.



The English Insurgents where formally established on 31 June 2021, but some Wellmoorean speculate this wasn't the actual date of foundation, but it was actually established before this date.

The group was established by Insurgent Leader S, former Wellmoorean Minister of Entertainment, with the intent of overthrowing the Monarchy of Wellmoore.

Role in the Insurgency

The English Insurgents caused The Wellmoorean Insurgency/Crisis to break out within the Kingdom of Wellmoore. They outnumbered the Wellmoorean Loyalists and where initially hypothesised to win the insurgency by Luke of Wellmoore, however this hypothesis proved false.

Change in Leadership

The English Insurgents' initial leader stepped down from his post on 1 July 2021 and Lord Axel (who at this time was acting undercover) took over.


On 2 July 2021, Axel then disbanded the group and the Insurgent Army.

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