Empire of Walkoria

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Walkoria, now known as the Principality of Walkoria, is an island micronation just off the coast of northern New Zealand and was declared an independent sovereign state on the 15'th day of May 2010.

Walkoria is a subtropical island paradise abundant with life in every corner. For this reason we have no plans for any permanent infrastructure. There are walking tracks and our natural harbour as well as a small clearing on the top of the island where the capitol 'Nova Asum' is situated.

The Principality of Walkoria claims the uninhabited region of Antarctica known as 'Marie Byrd Land' (Walkorian Australis), the western half of the region in north Africa known as 'Bir Tawil Triangle' (Walkorian afrikaa) , & most recently the 1.3 km² arctic island known as Hans Island (Walkorian Arktikos) & the miniscule rocky land known as Walkorian Antarktikos found to the west of Enderby Island in the south pacific. The Principality of Walkoria fully considers these uninhabited lands as part of it's extended territory and retains absolute rule over them. Due to Marie Byrd Lands huge scale, The Principality of Walkoria's extended landmass currently measures a staggering 1,606,031 km².

We are proudly a carbon neutral nation, therefor all visits to Walkoria Island shall be taken on the Walkorian Explorer (a sea kayak) unless a party of citizens too large arranges a trip in which case we have a backup motor boat.

We are proud to the be the worlds first Pastafarian nation. We do not recognise any other religion as we are a predominantly atheist state.

In rare cases titles maybe given to citizens who offer exeptional servises to our nation. The highest being the OwE (Order of the Walkorian Empire) and the lowest being Lord/Lady. These will be given out on Walkoria Day.

Please browse our website to learn more and become a part of our proud little nation.