Empire of Rositia

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Empire of Rositia
洛希提亞帝國 (Chinese)
Flag of Empire of Rositia
Coat of arms of Empire of Rositia
Coat of arms
Motto: 平出於公,公出於道
Anthem: 《榮耀的洛希提亞》
(English: Glorious Rositia)
and largest city
Theia Metropolis
Other languages
• The Empress
Elfaria I
• Prime Minister of Council of the State
Long-Jin Ke
LegislatureThe Imperial Parliament of Rositia
• Restructuring from The Empire of Great Ming
21 July 2020
• Change Country Name
01 March 2023
• Total
5.345 km2 (2.064 sq mi)
• 2023 census
CurrencyMastir GuoPiao (MGP)
Time zoneRositian Standard Time
  1. This nation is a member of the Taiwanese Micronations Alliance

Rositia (Taiwanese Mandarin:洛希提亞, Japanese:ローシティア), officially Empire of Rositia (Taiwanese Mandarin:洛希提亞帝國, Japanese:ローシティア帝国), is a micronation located in Taiwan. The claimed area is 5.345 square kilometres, the capital is Theia Metropolis, the country's actual population is 1 (2023), Taiwanese are the main ethnic group in the country, and Taiwanese Mandarin, Taiwanese and Japanese language are the official languages.

Politically, the Empire of Rositia is a parliamentary system and a constitutional monarchy with Rositian distinctive features. The Head of State, the Empress of Rositia, is a virtual head of state, while the actual political power is held by the Prime Minister of the Council of State and the Council of State under the leadership of the Prime Minister.