Empire of Joschitika

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The Empire of Joschitika
Flag of the Joschitikan Nation

"Heil dem Kaiser und heil dem Herrn"
Capital cityJoschika
Official language(s)Swabo-Bavarian, German, English
Official religion(s)Christianity
GovernmentNon-Antisemitic National Socialism
- Head of StateKaiser Joshua I
- Head of GovernmentKaiser Joshua I, Kabinett
EstablishedDecember 3rd 2019
CurrencyJosch (J)
Time zoneCET
National drinkBeer
National animalLiger

The Empire of Joschitika is an empire ruled by Emperor Joshua I. He ascended to the throne in November of 2019.



In the time of 2006 to 2015, the Nation of Joschitika was the Kaiser's dream of creating his own state.


The Empire is the brainchild of Emperor Joshua I, who made a drawing of the country in 2015, followed up by 50+ drawings about the country, its population, and its history.

First Government

The first government of the Nation of Joschitika was a Marxist-Socialist dictatorship. During the time the Kaiser, at the time "Kommunistischer Führer", structured the nation to be close to the Soviet Union.

Partition of 2016

During the time between 2016 and 2017, the country of Joschitika was split into two - The "Socialist Joschitikan People's Republic", later "Communist Joschitikan People's Republic" and the Empire of Joschitika. They have reunited in 2017.

First Reform and Second Government

In 2016 the Kaiser has partitioned the Nation into an Empire and a Socialist State. The SJPR has suffered very much and at the end of its lifetime was in a civil war. The Communist Senate then has decided to be absorbed into the Empire of Joschitika in which it is to this day.

Declaration of Independence

At the end of November 2019, the Kaiser has gotten the help of Sultan Adam Hakeemi of Barapai to establish Joschitikan independence, which has been declared on the 3rd of December 2019. For this, the Sultan has been awarded the rank of "Ehrenbürger" (Honorary Citizen).

Final Reform and Third Government

After some time of calmness, the Kaiser announced that the economy is, indeed, built after the fascist example of Mussolini.

Major Holidays


The Empire was officially founded on the 3rd of December 2019. Its inaugural citizen is Sultan Adam Hakeemi of Barapai.


The Empire is non-antisemitic national-socialist and ruled by the Kaiser, who is currently Joshua I. The seat is hereditary, in that it passes onto the monarch's next of kin. It is isolationist.


Kaiser Josh the First, or Kaiser Josh I for short, is the current head of the country. He, however, allows the Joschitikan people to vote people in or out of the Kabinett (Cabinet).


Based on Mussolini's Fascism, the Empire of Joschitika is known for ultranationalism, isolation of the economy, and a strong personality cult.

The Empire, based on fascism and national-socialism, is a good example of equality of the sexes, worker representation, protectionism, and autocracy.