Empire of Golgotha and Hesperia

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The Empire of Golgotha and Hesperia
Golgotha et Hespérie (French)
Calvariae et Hesperusae (Latin)
Gólgota e Hespéria (Portuguese)
Gólgota y Hespéria (Spanish)
Motto: Terror est iustitia: Prompta, severa, inflexibilis
Royal anthem: 
Royal Anthem of Hesperia
and largest city
Official languagesSpanish
Ethnic groups
Roman Catholicism
Demonym(s)Hesperian, Golgo-Hesperian, Hesperite, Golgothan
GovernmentAbsolute Monarchy partly run by an Executive Committee with dictatorial powers
• Captain General/Emperor-King
Manuel I of Benquerença
• Emperor-King
Luis I Del Vallés-Marvate.
• Intendant
Omar Quintero
• Director General of Science and Technology
Tristin Desmoulins
• President of The Comité de santé public
John Emanuel VII
LegislatureComité de Santé Public
Independence from Canada
• Old Dictatorship established
22nd of October, 2022
• Change of Empire
13th of August, 2023
• Total
9,959.108 km2 (3,845.233 sq mi)
• Estimate
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
CurrencyHesperian Escudo (de jure)
CAD (de facto)
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

The Empire of Golgotha and Hesperia, sometimes referred to as the Hesperian Empire, Golgotha-Hesperia or simply Hesperia is a sovereign absolute monarchy that declared independence from Canada in October 22nd, 2022. Although not recognized by most other nations. It is mostly near the Canadian Maritime region.

History, Conflicts, and Major Events


Originally The order of Golgotha and Hesperia, started by Marco De Castilla, Luis Quintero, and Manuel I of Benquerença on the 24th of October 2022. After the establishment of Christ's Act of 2022 – The constitution and government – Manuel I of Benquerença centralized power and started a dictatorship.

The Lecinist Uprising

On May 4th, 2023 De Castilla and Quintero started a failed-coup d'etat against Manuel I because they believed power should not be so centralized. Manuel I quickly shut them down because he had more support than they did. De Castilla and Quintero came to be known as The Lecinists. The Lecinists demanded that Golgotha and Hesperia be independent countries. Hesperia being ruled by De Castilla and Golgotha being ruled by Quintero. After the failed-coup, Manuel pardoned them and let them stay in government.

Joey empire

For a period, the nation was silent, but on March 22nd, 2023 Manuel I, Quintero, De Castilla, and other members of the government created The Revolutionary Committee of Venerable Affairs. (RCVA) to spy on Joseph Neinson because he was believed to be an informant. The RCVA recruited Armin Behzad to spy on Neinson.

On an unrecorded date. Neinson rebelled from Hesperia by declaring the “Joey empire” as sovereign. This is an ongoing event.

Change of Empire

After consolidating significant power during his dictatorship, Manuel I of Benquerença swiftly transformed the order into an empire. This pivotal moment occurred on August 13th, 2023, when he officially declared Golgotha-Hesperia an empire, solidifying his authority as its sovereign and commencing of the Benquerença dynasty.

Turn of the Nation

Manoel I de Benquerença overhaled the government and proclaimed himself and Luis I Del Vallés-Marvate as Emperor-Kings

Government and Politics

Government Parties

Club des Roquesbins

Governmental Structure

The Empire of Golgotha and Hesperia is divided into two kingdoms; The first kingdom is The Kingdom of Hesperia, which is ruled by King Manoel I. The Kingdom of Golgotha is ruled by Luis I.

Both King Manoel I and King Luis I are emperors of the Empire of Golgotha and Hesperia and they hold an equal amount of power.

Comité de Santé Public: The nation is co-ruled by the Comité de Santé Public, which is an executive and legislative that operates like a convention or assembly with a presidential system. The committee has partial magisterial power over the nation and its members are either voted in by the Legislative Assembly or appointed in by the kings.

Legislative Assembly: The Legislative Assembly is an assembly which makes recommendations to the Emperor-Kings about all to improve the nation, they also vote in members of the Comité de Santé Public. Their members are voted in by the populace.

The intendant is responsible for Hesperia's economic and demographic development as well as having semi-magisterial powers. The intendant is appointed by the Emperor-Kings and Omar Quintero currently holds this role. The intendant appoints the Commissioner of Affairs, who is a representative of the government. Both the Intendant and the Emperor-Kings appoint members of the RCVA and the Cultural committee, as well as the Director of Land Management, Director of Freedom and Liberty, and the Captain General of the Hesperian Revolutionary Army, who appoints military officers in his army.

Government structure

The General director of Science and Technology is appointed by the Emperor-Kings, he is responsible for the nation's technological and scientific development. Desmoulins currently holds this role.

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Culture and Symbols

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