Empire of Alderlanden

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Empire of Alderlanden

Long Stand the Empire
Location(s) of The Empire
Capital cityRembert
Largest cityRembert
Official language(s)English, French, German
Official religion(s)No Official
Short nameAlderlanden
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- EmperorMarcus I
EstablishedJanuary 8, 2012
Area claimed~.25 mi sq
CurrencyAldermark ℳ (de jure) US dollar $ (de facto)
Time zoneUTC-5
Summer: UTC-4
National animalImperial Eagle


The Empire of Alderlanden is an empire that is run out of the town of Rembert in the US state of South Carolina. It is one of two empires in South Carolina. The nation claims a real legislative capital in South Carolina, while holding a display tract of land in the indie game Minecraft.


The name "Alderlanden" comes from the German words for "Land of the Eagle." This name was decided after and inspiration of an inscription with an eagle much like an imperial one found on a door in the capital.




The Emperor is the supreme ruler of the empire. He commands the military, trade, international relations and internal legislation within the nation. The current emperor is Marcus I.


There are, however, somethings that the emperor needs help with in the sense of micronationalism. His advisers must tell him about and prepare him for many events he otherwise would not know about. These advisers assist him in decisions with things such as the economy, international affairs, internal problems and quite a bit of other things. These advisers are also internal leaders in the empire. The chief adviser is Jordon I.

Administrative Divisions

The administrative divisions of Alderlanden are called dominions. Each of these dominions is ruled by an archduke or archduchess. These are appointed rulers by the emperor to lead the different parts of his nation.

Red=Allison, Yellow=Grand Freisia, Pink=Kaiserinhause, Purple=Diplomatic Area

Below is a list of Communes in Alphabetical Order:

Flag Dominion Capital Archduke/Archduchess Population Date Incorporated Notable Facts
Freisia.png Grand Freisia Laube Jordon I 1 1/10/2012 Most prominent province
Kaiserinhause Krone Kathryn I 1 1/11/2011 Archduchess is also empress.
Allison Alneya Alice I 1 1/11/2011

Foreign relations

The empire would love to engage in international relations with many nations.

Nation Relations Notes Requesting Party Date Requested Date Accepted

If you wish to become engaged in foreign relations with Alderlanden, please contact us on our government website. One of the advisers will respond.

Law and order


The nation holds a document called the Book of Acts. Within this document, all laws enacted by the government are to be inscribed. The book is divided into categories based on the type of law it regards. These laws are upheld with highest regard by both officials and citizens alike.


Alderlanden follows the United Nations Human Rights Doctrine. It is known that the document is flawed, but these flaws are made up for in government legislation, which will add acts as necessary.


Police have been deemed unnecessary in this nation, as there are not enough citizens to break the laws.

National Symbols

The nation embraces its own version of an imperial eagle. Unlike some, it has black claws. This eagle is based on a design of a door knocker on part of the imperial palace.



The national flag of Alderlanden consists of a white, black and yellow tricolor emblazoned with an eagle in the canton. The flag was designed to be a mix of the national colors and the imperial seal. A plan is being decided on how to obtain copies of the flag.


The nation has two soldiers. The emperor doubles as the supreme commander of the Army and Navy. The nation is not belligerent, and in most armed conflicts will reach for airsoft, BB, or dart firing weapons. These are used so as to avoid extremism in a conflict between two nations, and also to avoid possible repercussions for those actions. For severely perilous wars, the military is instructed to use AR-15 assault rifles as the main weapon and a 22. Ruger Rifle as the main defensive sniper rifle. A flatbottom fishing boat has been converted for military use, and is called the "AIS Wareagle."


Alderlanden is basically a poor and destitute country by macronational standards but is fairly well off by micronational standards. It has a fairly high-income rate, and its equality of income is actually fairly and truly successful. It is a mostly import economy but also relies on exports via the internet. There is also plenty of foreign aid coming from private US citizens who care greatly for the nation of Freisland.


Guilds work to make sure that the workers and the people of Alderlanden are safe from higher legislation. They also make sure that each person gets enough income to stay well above the poverty line. Guilds also serve as different kinds of businesses and companies within the nation.

Aldermark (ℳ)

The Aldermark is the proposed and somewhat tested currency of Alderlanden. It was designed to mimic the old German mark in design, and the American Dollar in use.

Current Exchange Rates:

  • ℳ1.00 ADM=$0.91 USD
  • ℳ1.00 ADM=$0.93 CAD
  • ℳ1.00 ADM=€0.71 EUR
  • ℳ1.00 ADM=£0.59 GBP
  • ℳ1.00 ADM=¥5.73 CNY
  • ℳ1.00 ADM=¥70.02 JPY

Geography and climate

Carolinian Territories



The area in South Carolina is in a very humid and hot environment, full of southern pines and sweetgum trees. The land is relatively approximately 100 ft above sea level, resulting in a partially coastal and partially forested climate. During a typical summer, the temperature can reach a high of 95 °F and a low of 60 °F. During the winter, the average high is 55 °F and the normal low is 30 °F.

Minecraft Territories


In contrast, Kowmos is in a tundra environment where it snows regularly. There is a large swath of forest in the East, where a logging industry has been booming. There is also a multitude of wild pigs in Kowmos, many of which have been herded into a pen and farmed.



Freisland is 100% White, however this was not achieved by "ethnic cleansing," but just by a technicality. There is only one family within the nation. The minor racial characteristics add up to the nation being mostly German, with partial Norse, French, Polish, and British genes added.


Alderlanden has a 75% heterosexual population. The other 25% is gay. Archduke Jordon I is the only homosexual within national borders.


The nation is one-half Christian (50% Catholic, 50% Lutheran). The other half is atheist.


The nation's primary language is English, as that is the typical language spoken throughout the land. Other languages spoken semi-regularly are French and German.


Schools are not available within the empire, as the nation can not support a full education system. As such, all education is foreign, except for self-education.



Date English name Notes
January 1 New Year's Day
January 9 Empire Day Day the empire was founded.
May 1 May Day/International Workers' Day To commemorate workers worldwide.
July 11 Emperor's Day Day commemorating the beginnings of Communism in Russia.
November 8 October Revolution Day Day commemorating the beginnings of Communism in Russia.
December 20-January 3 Winternus Days off in accordance with rest of the world's winter holidays.



The workday of the citizens typically lasts from 7:30 to 16:00 or 17:00 on a regular day. A typical day revolves around work or schooling for a citizen of the nation. Throughout the day, a citizen will regularly fraternize with friends or foreign workers and work diligently on the task at hand


The typical citizen will stay at home most days, eat a meal and discuss the day with their family. As it gets later, a citizen will go on the internet to communicate with friends and family or work on a project or games while doing schoolwork if they are a student, or simply resting from work.


On a weekend, the normal citizen will go out and work on personal projects which need completion or fraternize with foreign friends in America.


The typical Alderlanden citizen plays either soccer or basketball, but only with personal games. There are not enough citizens to start a national league or government association for these sports. Other times, citizens will perform the act of sustenance fishing and distribute the catch equally. The same goes for sustenance hunting of deer, squirrel or rabbit.


The Alderian government and all of its people have access to American television and other outside media. There are no restrictions other than some possible nudity and pornographic censorship in the nation. This is meant to completely free up the flow of ideas and freedom of thought not normally brought by other empires.

Freisian Star

There is also a state-owned online news magazine named the Freisian Star. The site posts the happenings within the nation and some editorials on subjects pertaining to happenings in the world, events in socialism or communism, or general life in Freisia and the rest of Alderlanden. Visit the Freisian Star's official site here.