Emperor Caligula II of New Sparta

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Caligula II
Emperor of New Sparta, King of New Carthage, and Prince of Athens
Painting of the emperor in usual attire
Emperor of New Sparta
Reign December 25th of 2004 - Present
Coronation December 25th of 2004
Predecessor Caligula I
Heir Apparent Prince Imperial Julius Caesar
Regent Romulus Gaia, Duke of Argos
King of New Carthage
Reign December 25th of 2004 - present
Coronation December 25th of 2004
Predecessor King Nero IV of New Carthage
Heir Apparent Crowned prince Claudius
Regent Prince Gaius Lucius Caesar
Prince of Athens
Reign May 18th of 2004 - Present
Preceded by Prince Agrippa Lucius of Athens
Heir Apparent Princess Agrippina Lucia
Regent Senator Marc Anthony
Consort None
Prince Imperial Julius Caesar (adoptive)
Full name
Gaius Germanicus Caligula Caesar
Posthumous name
The good
Dynasty Germanicus-Caesar
Father Caligula I
Mother Julia Claudian
Born 18 May 2004 (2004-05-18) (age 16)
Massachusetts, Boston
Religion ancient Roman religion

Emperor Caligula II of New Sparta is youngest reigning Monarch in New Spartan History from December 25 of 2004. He was crowned on December 25 of 2004 at only 7 months old. The Son of the late Emperor Caligula I and Julia Claudian, Caligula is New Spartan's first monarch to be raised in the ancient Roman religion. Caligula's reign is marked by economic problems and social unrest left behind by his late father. Currently in his reign, the realm is by governed a Regency Council who plan to settle the debts and social unrest. The council is currently led by his godfather and his father's best friend Romulus Gaia, Duke of Argos.

The Emperor is described as a noble and moderate ruler despite his young age and his lack of experience. Caligula is know for having a personal interest in law, and types of government. Though young the emperor takes his seat as Emperor seriously, and writing many pieces of legislation in both criminal and civil law which his predecessors had neglected. One of his Law projects include the Ongoing Project Sparta.

Titles and Styles

  • Since 18 May 2004: His Royal Highness Gaius, Prince of Athens
    • Since 25 December 2004: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor
    • Since 25 December 2004: His Majesty The King